Gamma Pants


Available in 2 colors

Gamma Pants are a new offering to our Frequency Collection.  These super comfy pants are made from stretchy Cotton Twill fabric.   They move great, whether your running, leaping, bounding, jumping, or just chillin... They have 2 cargo snap pockets (large enough for most phones).  These pants have rough edges at some seams, which means they will fray a bit the more you wear them.

Gamma pants are named so to inspire YOU to do a little research about Gamma Brain Waves.   Characteristics of Gamma Brain Waves include higher states of Love and Compassion as well as... look it up and find out more... i recommend info by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Item will be shipped from outside the EU, Custom charges may apply!

Brexit is here! Customs charges may apply depending on where you are and where we ship from.


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