All measurement sizes are not 100% accurate and we recommend you contact us with enquiry on the measurement of a specific item you wish to purchase.

The following pages are designed to be a useful tool in converting worldwide sizes & compare them to Hexagon sizes.
Even though we tried our best to display the data as accurately as possible, we cannot guarantee that it is absolutely correct, as sizes of garments, shoes, and accessories vary between manufacturers and even between different collections by the same designer. You should use these charts for Hexagon products only.

The best way to know which size is the perfect fit for you is to measure up a garment you have at home that is a great fit and really comfortable, and find your size within a couple of centimeters of that garment.


Tips & hints
For reliable results, please be as accurate as you possibly can. The measuring tape must be held naturally, neither stretched nor slackened.

Measuring your neck
With both your arms, place the tape around your neck and measure by turning it completely around your neck & allow adequate room for a comfortable movement.

Measuring your chest
With both your arms down, place the tape under your armpits and tape measure by turning it completely around your body without holding your breath. Your coat size typically equals your actual chest size plus a couple of inches to allow adequate room for a sweater and a comfortable movement.

Measuring your actual waist
Tape measure around your waistline where you usually wear your trousers. (If your waist size is bigger than your chest size, then the former is the one to look for in the chart in order to determine your coat size).


The numbers represent an actual girth in inch & centimeter.

Neck girth
  Inch Centimeter
S 14" 36 cm
M 15" 38 cm
L 16" 40 cm
XL 17" 42 cm

Chest girth
  Inch Centimeter
S 20" 50 cm
M 21" 53 cm
L 22" 56 cm
XL 23" 60 cm
XXL 25" 63 cm


Common sizes
  US UK & AU
XS 4 6
S 6 8
M 8 10
L 10 12

Waist & chest girth
XS 76 cm
S 80 cm
M 84 cm
L 86 cm


Waist girth
  US & UK EU Actual waist girth
XS 28 38 76 cm
S 30 40 80 cm
M 32 42 84 cm
L 34 44 88 cm
XL 36 46 92 cm
XXL 38 48 96 cm