Space Tribe

Digi-print : Full Foxy

£65 £75

Psychedelic art on superb quality digitally printed canvas wall hanging by Space tribe.Available in 2 sizes

  • Medium Size : £70  Size approx 115 cm x 65 cm.
  • XL Size : £140  Size approx 210 cm x 115 cm.

The Dream warrior Goddess, the ultraviolet ultravixen, calls upon the spirits of the multi-dimensional Foxy lady. Her 3rd eye fully open, she attracts & magnifies the Universal message of love, then sends it spinning back into the Cosmic Conciousness for us all to enjoy! Materialising in a mind near you soon !

Digitally printed on heavy cotton canvas.

Not printed with UV inks, but on UV active canvas, so there is some UV effect.

Easy to hang ! Hanging kit included.
Just put the tube thru the tunnel at the top of the wallhanging.

Artwork by Luke Brown


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