Freqs of Nature Festival 2018: a Starter Guide

Are you going to Freqs of Nature Festival 2018? When we say it like this it sounds so far away but it's actually just in 3 months!! Who's excited?? 

We LOVE Freqs of Nature: it started as a small-ish festival in 2012 from the ashes of Full Moon Festival, and it takes place every year in Germany in the first days of July. 
Freqs of Nature Festival 2018

Like all festivals, knowing the ins and outs will make your experience SO MUCH BETTER! Don't get caught at the train station without a way to get to the festival, or without your ID at the entrance.
These little bumps in the road can be avoided just by having a look at our starter guide! 

Freqs of Nature Festival 2018 Information:

  • Freqs of Nature 2018 will take place on the 4th of July until the 9th.
  • The location is: Germany, 14913 Niedergörsdorf
  • It's a well-organized festival of 5 nights and 6 days 
  • The closest city is Berlin and you can take a train from there. Buses and shuttles are organized by the festivals to take you right there! 
  • Minors are not allowed unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, so careful about wanting to bring your younger brother, it won't work! And bring your ID or they won't let you in! 
  • Bring cash! You will need it for your deposit upon entering the festival entrance fee and be given your festival bracelet.
  • There is a free storage service for small items and a paid one for bigger luggage: safety first!
  • Tickets for Freqs of Nature 2018 are still available on their website and they're currently at €130 until the 30th of April for the 5 days (they'll go up after that and they'll be €160 at the gate)


Freqs of Nature Festival VIBES:


  • Freqs of Nature music is mostly a blend of different electronic styles from German acid techno to dark/forest psytrance and it's divided into 4 stages.
  • If you're looking for a classic psytrance festival, Freqs of Nature music might not be 100% for you (unless you love experimenting of course!)
  • Art is at the core of this festival: out of this world art & crafts will welcome and amaze you. Installations, street art, proper art exhibitions will make this festival an experience you'll remember forever (or at least until the next year when you'll go back!)
  • The shop area is located in an interesting old military area and it's not super big: Freqs of Nature shops carry the essentials for food, clothing, and accessories so you'll find everything you need and some cool gear too!
  • Last but not least, you will find us there like every year! Look for the Hexagon stall ;D

All in all, Freqs of Nature festival has an earthy, Burning Man-like vibe. If you're looking to get in the mood of the festival, items from our Hippy Chic collectionTribal Gear collection and Streetwear collection will do the trick and make you feel right at home at Freqs of Nature!

Freqs of Nature Festival 2018

Are you getting ready for festival season? Here are a few outfit suggestions for you!

Chill out on the Relaxperimental Floor while experiencing new sounds that will bring you in another dimension!

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Are you more a party animal kind of person? Then you'll need proper festival gear. A few ideas that carry you through the day (until the night... when you are at a festival in nature it can be pretty chilly after sunset!)

Jumper Jacket Tribal Print Festival Clothing

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Psst... we're hiring!! Experience Freqs of Nature from another perspective (or apply for one of the other festivals we're going)! Apply here