Festival Clothing to Not Get Lost in the Crowd

Omg when you are at a festival and you can't find your friends, let alone your tent! 
What are the best ways to find your way in a crazy-crowded Summer festival?
A few tips:
  1. Having your phone handy with a battery pack just in case is an obvious tip. Do that. But what if there's no signal and no connection? 
  2. Use a GPS app. It is super battery draining (cue to battery pack) but it can save your life and bring you back to the tent safe and sound!
  3. If you have signal, make sure you mention the time in your text messages.There is often a delay, so your friend might receive it after half an hour when you won't be at the spot you mentioned anymore!
  4. Take a photo with your friends before heading out of the camp. It will help you find them in the crowd when you're not in your best conditions!
  5. Arrange meeting points BEFORE any event. This will help immensely. 
  6. Wear an outfit that stands out so that your friends will find you! See some suggestions for festival clothing down below!
  7. Have fun! Even if you lose your friends, see it as an opportunity to meet new people and have even more fun!

Need some ideas on what to wear in order to stand out?

These hoodies are GLOW IN THE DARK, meaning that your friends will spot you from a distance even if you're not carrying glow sticks or flags. And you'll get a ton of compliments (speaking from experience here!):

GADO GADO - Tribal "Glow In The Dark" Dwarf Hoody - Celtic:

Glow in the dark festival clothing hoodie


GADO GADO - Women's Tribal Goth Glow In The Dark Dwarf Hood Long Jacket:

Glow in the dark tribal women jacket

GADO GADO - Women's Tribal Glow In The Dark Dwarf Hoody - Celtic:

Glow in the Dark Tribal Women Hoodie