Space Tribe

Digi-print : Quintessence


Psychedelic art on superb quality digitally printed canvas wall hanging by Space tribe.

Available in 2 sizes

  • Medium Size :£70  Size approx 100 cm x 60 cm.
  • XL Size : £140  Size approx 210 cm x 115 cm.

A quintessence, literally the 'fifth essence', is the most essential feature, purest form, or pure and concentrated essence of a substance, and here refers to Aether in medieval cosmology and science, the fifth element that fills the universe beyond the terrestrial sphere. 

Digitally printed on heavy cotton canvas.

Not printed with UV inks, but on UV active canvas, so there is some UV effect.

Easy to hang ! Hanging kit included.
Just put the tube thru the tunnel at the top of the wallhanging.

Artwork by Luke Brown

Brexit is here! Customs charges may apply depending on where you are and where we ship from.


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