Insider Guide to Boom Festival 2018

Boom Festival tickets are unfortunately SOLD OUT, but we put together this insider guide for those of you who are going or are planning to go to Boom 2020!
But there's more... we might or might not still need STAFF MEMBERS for our team at Boom 2018!! 
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First thing first...

Boom Festival Dates 

Boom Festival 2018 will take place from the 22th to the 29th of July during the Full Mooon.

Boom Festival Location

Boom Festival takes place in what they call "Boom Land", by the shores of the Idanha-a-nova lake in Portugal.
Getting to Boom:
Getting to Boom is super easy: Boom Festival shuttle buses are leaving from Lisbon and Madrid and they're going to get you directly on the festival ground!
Ontours offers trips from France, Switzerland and Belgium so make sure you check that as well.  

Insider tip: book a flight to Madrid - they're usually cheaper than Lisbon, from everywhere in Europe! And get on that Boom Bus, you'll get to Boom Land the day before gates open and you can snag the best spots in the camping ground (SO important when you're looking for shadow, Boom Land can get pretty hot on sunny days!)

How big is Boom Festival?

Pretty big indeed. From the camping site to the Central Plaza, to the Dance Temple, the Museum of Visionary Art and the Alchemy Circle and much, much more... there's a lot of ground to cover during the Festival!! 

This is why we we put together this insider guide to Boom Festival, but also our festival must-have collection to make sure you're wearing the right festival clothes!! 
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Boom Festival Food Prices

We love adventure, but planning your meals ahead and gather info about what's available on the festival ground is a very smart idea (because you don't want to be surprised with crazy food prices or with nothing to eat at all!)
Eating at Boom
There is a supermarket so you can buy your groceries and cook in the camping ground. Prices are not that cheap unfortunately but...
Insider tip: try Elfik Pizza! They have their pizza stall at all main psytrance events all around the world and they're a must-go for every Boomer. They have one stall next to the dance floor and one in the restaurant area.

Another must-go is the vegan restaurant: delicious and totally worth it!

Boom Festival Toilets

Yes, it's a weird topic to discuss here, but it's also VERY important at every festival.
Well, Boom Festival toilets are SPECIAL!
They are some of the cleanest toilets we have ever seen at festivals, and toilet paper is always available.
Bonus point: they use recycled toilet paper to create less waste!

Did you know that: they re-use waste to create compost and fertilize Boom land? 
Other Useful Tips for Boom Festival 2018
  • There are cash machines at Boom, so you can avoid carrying a ton of cash on you at all times or travel with it!
  • Drink water! This goes for all festivals, but Portugal in July can be pretty unforgiving. Tap water is available for free all over the festival ground, and bottles are priced reasonably too. 
  • Bring sunscreen! For the same reasons as above, this might literally save your life!
  • Make sure you check the Museum of Visionary Art, it is something you don't want to miss at Boom!

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